10 Reasons To Hire Me To Help You Sell

10 Great Reasons to Hire Me To Help You Sell Your Property...

1. You’ll receive my written personal service guarantee.

I guarantee that if I don’t live up to my commitments, you may request another salesperson from our huge brokerage. I am willing to work tirelessly to satisfy you.

2. You will benefit from my unique marketing tools to help you sell your home quickly for the most money.

I supply sellers with a comprehensive Marketing Plan and Schedule incorporating unique tools to secure maximum impact. I’ll ensure that your property is exposed to as many qualified prospects as possible.

3. You can count on me to minimize the pain points in the process. 

I use a detailed plan and checklist to ensure nothing is missed. This allows you to rest assured that ‘stuff’ won’t fall through the cracks. I’Il help you navigate the often-overwhelming selling process. I will also guide you to accept the best possible offer for your property.

4. You can expect me to communicate in a timely and effective manner.

I provide my sellers with a written, detailed, Communications Plan and Schedule. I'll keep you fully informed throughout the selling process.

5. Your property will be exposed effectively through the use of my professional and social networks.

Having been a community leader and active member of the community for years, I tap into vast resources to help market your home and suggest great resources for your needs.

6. You can expect me to hire and pay for related professionals to prepare your listing.

Full home pre-inspection, done by a home inspection professional. Professional photos and videos; 2-hour home staging consultation. I present your property at its best.

7. You will have a powerful negotiator on your team.

I have sharpended my marketing and negotiation skills through years in sales, advertising and marketing. This is an advantage in the sale of your property for the most money in a timely fashion.

8. You will be treated professionally and respectfully.

As a full-time licensed Real Estate Professional, I am committed to acting skillfully on your behalf; to navigating the selling process to avoid costly pitfalls. I will ensure that you understand your rights and obligations.

9. Your property will be competitively priced.

I will supply you with a complete analysis of the marketplace so that you can make an educated decision regarding listing price for your property.

10. You’ll be treated like a terrific neighbour.

I’m someone you can count on!