10 Reasons To Let Me Help You Buy

10 Great Reasons to Invite Me To Help You Find A Property...

1. You’ll receive my written personal service guarantee.

I guarantee that if I don’t live up to my commitments, you may request another salesperson from our huge brokerage. I am willing to work tirelessly to satisfy you.

2. You will benefit from my knowledge of local resources.

I can provide details of local neighbourhoods and supply you with preferred local resources/services to help with your move.

3. Your wishes are my command. 

I will ask specific questions and listen to your answers to ensure I fully understand your needs. That makes the process more effective and efficient for you.

4. You can count on me to minimize the hassle of the process.

I try to streamline your search and find the best property for your needs. This will allow you to settle into your new property cost effectively and quickly.

5. A personalized web portal is established for your potential properties.

From your needs and wants, I use a powerful search tool that compiles properties just for you. You’ll have a personal portal for your properties. You’ll receive email notifications about new listings that might interest you. This allows you to act fast if needed.

6. You will be treated professionally and respectfully.

As a full-time licensed Real Estate Professional, I’m committed to acting skillfully and discretely on your behalf; navigating the buying process; and helping you avoid costly pitfalls. I will also ensure that you understand your rights and obligations.

7. You can expect me to communicate in a timely and effective manner.

I use technology extensively to stay informed and attentive. I also know how to deliver a message clearly. I will keep you fully informed throughout the buying process.

8. You will have a powerful negotiator on your team.

I have sharpened my negotiation skills through years in sales, advertising and marketing. This is an advantage in your purchase of real estate.

9. Your family is important to me.

Having raised a family in the area, I know how to assess your specific family needs and identify properties that benefit you.

10. You’ll be treated like a terrific neighbour.

I’m someone you can count on!